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Allow Urchins* kids to enjoy a moment of celebration


Allow Urchins* kids to enjoy a moment of celebration

Urchins* Christmas 2017

Each year since 1996, Urchins* allow indigent and/or neglected children to enjoy moments of dream and celebration, in a country where Christmas is fastuous time… for those who can afford it!

These forgotten children never get to enjoy beauty, they are always given the bare minimum. This is one of the reasons why we want to give them a real Christmas celebration: gifts under the tree, celebration meal, getting out from the slum to go enjoy a show or a movie…

These celebrations are an integral part of our playtherapy program, it enriches their spirit and give them joyful memories; these are essential elements for them to fight against the daily boredom of their life and to fit better in their society.

This year, again, help us to spread joy and celebration to these children!

You may choose to sponsor the following:

– A small gift under the tree of our play-center for the 200 children who go there on a regular basis: 200 x 5 € = 1000 €

– An afternoon out from the slum for our 200 regular beneficiaries. This includes transportation, a movie ticket and a snack: 200 x 8€ = 1600 €

– Holliday food baskets for our beneficiaries family living in Southville 6 relocation camp, to take some weight off the whole family and to lift everybody’s spirit during this time of celebration : 200 x 50 € = 10 000 €