Les actualités des Oursins


Good day to all of you, Remember me? Louis Paul, aka LP or Loulou, urchins/Delepine founder’s son. I told you last year that each and every year I pose myself as an active children’s rights defender. Therefore it comes to no surprise that before celebrating my tenth birthday I have signed up for my second heroes’ race! Yes, being the son of a humanitarian worker, I fell into the magic potion as a baby, just like Obelix did. The difference being that the recipe to my magic potion is: sharing, joing and acting! I have heard that since I was born!!! As a baby, there were tens of head watching over my trolley. Later on I started walking at the same time as some urchins. Kids cannot see differences: they loved me, I loved them and it was the only thing that mattered! Then one day I asked why my urchins playmate never invited me over for their birthday parties or even for playdates ! My mom explained that they did not have houses or that their houses were made out of tiny sheet-metals. She took me there, I could see how my being here made them uncomfortable, it made me sad and uncomfortable as well to impose my presence. I was six or seven years old back then and I realized the gap there was between my life and theirs! I took some money from my piggy bank to prepare a birthday party for one of my playmates, I was sure that she was happy but she was not smiling. I was worried that she did not like but mom told me that it was her very first cake and her very first gifts, that she was too moved to smile… there and then I understood that being the same age and being children were the only things we had in common… For years now I have engaged myself for the cause of children who have fewer rights than I do. I told you so last year. True, I do so at a kid scale, but I believe there no small level of action, there are simply too few actors. I know, I told myself so last year… I cannot run the race in Paris because I live in Manila! But you proved me wrong! I ran in Manila and the result was incredible! Together with my dad we have looked for a group of volunteers to run with us while my mom was doing the same in Paris. We were not that many but it was a great moment. I was proud and I told myself, just like my mom always does, that everything is possible! So here I am again planning to join this year’s race, I will run in Manila again with whoever wants to join, mom said that some kids from the foundation would run with us! So? Will you be on the starting line with me? Will you sponsor my race ? click the link below to donate 🙂