Oursins*-Delépine Newsletter. December 2015


Urgent News


Biri severely affected by a terrible typhoon.

On the 16th of December, Typhoon Nona made landfall on the island of Biri and destroyed 90% of the housing. Let the photos speak for themselves. Our beautiful classroom, renovated and furnished in April 2014 was blown away….nothing can resist winds of more than 220 km per hour on this island.

This disaster is much more devastating for the residents of the island. They live without electricity and running water. They must collect their water from a spring in a rowboat and the limited electricity that they receive is via solar panels. Their small village is equipped with garbage cans at every corner of the street. The village is exemplary in terms of environmental sustainability, despite the effects of climate change. We cannot let the inhabitants rebuild their village on their own. Facing the destruction of our work is difficult… but it is certainly more difficult for all the children who are asking themselves if someone will still reach out to them!

How can I help?

We place a lot of hope in your generosity, regardless of your donation it will be extremely useful and precious.

  • I can donate via the internet on our website les-oursins-delepine.com – “Je fais un don avec HelloAsso” https://www.helloasso.com/associations/les-oursins-enfants-des-trottoirs
  • I can donate by cheque, to Les Oursins, to be sent to 11 rue de Paris, 85400 Lucon
  • I can donate by bank transfer


Merci ! Thank you ! Salamat po !