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In 1995, Aurore Roiland Prudent creates the association  Les Oursins* – Enfants des Trottoirs that promotes any form of prevention, information and awareness for the protection of children, including victims of child prostitution and pedophilia. Aurore Prudent Roiland has observed boredom among street children. Lack of financial and human resource of associations do not favor animation as a means of action. Les Oursins* – Enfants des Trottoirs strives to reverse the tendency by maximizing the mode of expression for children who will now have the choice of game. Thus, the first games library in the world for street children and slum children opened in Manila in the Philippines in April 2000. Over the years, the work of Les Oursins* – Enfants des Trottoirs keeps widening more and more! The association takes place in the provinces and in Manila itself, helping street children and slum boys in prison, children of scattered tribes, …


Les Oursins* depuis 20 ans s engagent à offrir aux enfants des lieux récréatifs, éducatifs et ludiques. Chaque enfant a le droit d évoluer dans un univers rassurant et harmonieux.

» Dis moi comment tu joues, je te dirai comment tu vas » Dr Martine Myquel