• Become a godfather or godmother for a child of des Oursins*

Les Oursins* seeking godfather or godmother to provide better conditions of schooling for poor children from Southville and open the possibility of a better future.

With 22 euros per month, our godparents offer a child the chance to go to school in good conditions, with a full stomach, shoes and clothes that fit and proper equipment.

Many reasons but mainly financial encourage the children to not attend to school in the Philippines. In fact, wearing the uniform is required, resulting in a purchase and huge maintenance costs for families. Participation in the maintenance of the class and school projects expense is mandatory.

In addition, the poverty of families from Southville is synonymous with malnutrition, skin infections and other diseases in children. So sponsorship also allows food aid and improved hygiene, which promotes better child health.

Sponsor a Child Les Oursins* is offer him the chance of a better tomorrow and a door for his future.

  • With your sponsorship of 22 euros per month, a child receives:

-School supplies for the new school year in June of each year

-A complete uniform (2 shirts, 2 shorts or skirts 2, 3 pairs of socks, 3 panties, 3 singlets, 1 pair of black shoes, 1 pair of
shoes, one sport uniform, socks sports)

-A daily snack-including drinking water

-Support for participation in maintenance costs of the class

-The material to achieve its school projects

In addition, the families of sponsored children receive regular material support through the distribution of food supplies or hygiene products that benefit the whole family. Sponsored children also have access to our leisure and sporting activities in the elementary school of Southville 6.

In addition, sponsors and children exchange by mail (minimum 2 letters sent annually by children). The fact that a person, distant from several thousand kilometers, is interested in their lives, their families is rewarding and unique for these children.

By sponsoring a child, you promise to Les Oursin* to support us every month, which gives us the opportunity to develop projects in the long term for the benefit of underprivileged children.

Contact  oursins-manille@orange.fr