Filipino handicrafts Solidarity Sale



Les Oursins* have chosen since their debut to be a responsible humanitarian organization offering the sale of Filipino handicrafts who allow us to finance a part of our humanitarian projects.

Objects are made of local materials and ​​using traditional craft techniques , the nice design and quality, are available in France , Hong Kong and Singapore. So you can indulge yourself and have fun while supporting our projects on the ground.

We are looking for new volunteers to accommodate such sales . These sales allow us to reduce our dependence on donations , always uncertain , and allow you to support our work by making you happy. Large or small sales, they are all needed to support our association! In 2012, sales accounted secured 21% of our financial resources !

A sale may give an income between 200 and 2500 euros! You may feel that your sale will bring very little, but if 5 people do not organize any sales, it is 1000 euros potential that we will never receive to develop our humanitarian projects!

More we are to organize these sales allow our project to grow up and ensure the basic rights of children in the Philippines

photo ventes'

Bib necklaces inspired by traditional tribal patterns 

Trays, baskets and table decorations tribal motifs

Dishes and table (capiz decoration) , Filipino shell


You can view our albums solidarity sales already made ​​and our Filipino handicrafts on Facebook (« Les Amis des Oursins »).

If you want to organize a sale, we can provide you some stocks to your home. We can send you our Guide to support your sales including guidance for the presentation of products, everything you need to know about prices and materials, and many other tips

Contact us on Facebook “les amis des oursins” or by email