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Your donations, whether regular or occasional, 5 or 500 euros, are extremely valuable for us! Without them of course our humanitarian projects would not see the day, your donations are also a fine example of support and commitment to our cause. Each of your gifts, even the most modest, we also provide the energy to continue our fight with the kids!

Do not hesitate to give us your support, whatever the amount. If you are 10 to refuse to donate 5 euros , it is the equivalent of a bag of rice (10×5 = 50 €) that can feed a family of 8 people on average for 10 days that we will never receive .



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Since 1996, Les Oursins* is an association (under French law 1901) whose articles have been registered in the prefecture. Its presence in France allows our donors to receive a tax deduction.

Tax receipt: you have misplaced your tax receipt or omission was committed on our part? Do not hesitate to contact the person in charge, Mr Roger Roiland, President of les Oursins*:

  1. by phone: 02 51 56 12 86
  2. by fax: 02 51 29 06 39
  3. by email: