Les Oursins*-enfants des trottoirs

Les Oursins* – Enfants des Trottoirs :  French Association law 1901

SIRET 49879548300011

Since 1996, Les Oursins* is an association law 1901 whose articles have been deposited in the prefecture. Its presence in France allows our donors to receive a tax deduction.

Mission : fundraising and goods to finance projects in the Philippines, for the benefit of deprived children

Office Members :

Chair: Roger Roiland
Secretary: Damien Roiland
Treasurer: Anaïs Prudent
Responsible sponsorship: Muriel Rouabah
Communications Director: Damien Roiland

Local Representative worldwide:

– Luzon: Christiane Roiland

– Challans: Lise Prudent

– Viry-Châtillon: Angélique Devillard

– Grenoble & Sales Manager: Marine Pouzet

– Singapore: Carole Caliman

– Hong Kong: Agnès Sebaux & Haude Penhirin